Gems and Facets


As a writer, I’ve come to realize there are many different voices out in the world. Many different opinions about anything and everything. Whatever topic I write about has already been discussed by someone, somewhere. So why bother writing at all? What’s the point? I’ve also come to realize not every voice resonates with every person. One person can write an opinion and someone will love it, someone will hate it and a third person will say “ho hum”.

I write with hope that my words resonate with some people. I hope my writing reflects God’s love, like a gemstone reflects light through its facets. I imagine I’m the gemstone and God’s love the light and when the light shines through the gemstone, it is reflected and seen. My goal is to reflect God’s love out into the world through my unique, God-given voice. I’m not perfect, I have flaws, just like some gemstones do, but they still reflect light in beautiful ways. Maybe it’s too lofty of a goal, but I am willing to try, one post at a time.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, but will block rude or obnoxious comments. This is a place where you can express your opinion in a civil manner and engage in lively discussion. I hope to see many different viewpoints expressed.

If there is a topic you would like to see, please let me know and I will do my best to cover it. Otherwise, I will share my view of the world and how I see spiritual connections to everyday things. Enjoy and God bless!


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