Fret Not: 3 Ways to Banish Worry

I don’t like watching the news on TV because there are a lot of wrongs in this world: families torn apart, sex abuse scandals, gun violence, political corruption, etc. It’s depressing!

My morning devotional quoted the first two verses from Psalm 37, “Fret not yourself because of the wicked, be not envious of wrongdoers. For they will soon fade like the grass, and wither like the green herb.”

As I read these verses, I thought about our culture today.  How can I not fret or get upset? There’s so much turmoil in this world! I want to do something and take action! Be proactive! The injustice makes me angry. But what does not fretting look like? I found the answer in the next two verses.

Trust in the Lord and do good; live in the land, and farm faithfulness. Enjoy the Lord and he will give what your heart asks.” (Psalm 37:3-4)

Trust in God and do good.  Ah, the action part – do good. I can do that! Trust God. Do good. Live in the land. Farm faithfulness. Delight in the Lord. If I do these things, my heart and God’s heart will be as one and he will give me what my heart desires.

To not fret, God wants me to do three things: Trust him, do good and enjoy him.

To trust God means to leave my worries, cares, and concerns at his feet.  To talk to him about all my concerns and give my worries to him. He cares about me and will take care of them. I do this when my husband travels. Instead of worry I pray and place my husband and his trip in God’s care. God has been faithful in the past for my husband’s care and I trust God’s care for the future.  I also entrust my children to God’s care each day when they go off to school. What situation can you place in God’s care?

To do good, live in the land and farm faithfulness means to do good to those around me in my hometown. I can certainly do good in my hometown, with the people around me. If I were called to, I certainly could do good on the other side of the planet, but the verse doesn’t say that. Instead, I can do good where God has called and planted me.  Just as Jesus did good where he was called and planted. He healed the sick, I can bring a meal to someone who’s ill. He fed 5,000, I can invite the neighbors over for dinner. I can wave and smile to those around me. I can pick up litter to keep my hometown clean. I can pay for someone else’s coffee at our coffee shop. Doing good takes many forms and I can do good right here. What good can you do today?

To enjoy the Lord means to find joy in a relationship with him.  Find joy in reading scripture.  Find joy in spending time with others. Find joy in doing good. Find joy in going to church. Find joy in looking for spiritual connections to everyday things. God is not a taskmaster. He wants me to delight in him and be in relationship with him.  There is abundant delight and joy in him just as there are an abundance of ways to connect with him: through nature, his word, through science, sharing, sacrificial living, seeing his power, appreciating traditions and the indwelling of his spirit.

I find joy in reading scripture, finding spiritual connections, spending time in nature and through science. Those things feed my soul and bring me joy.  Where do you delight in God?

What are your thoughts?