Wagon Rides: Let Jesus Carry Your Burdens

This fall I took my kids to a cider mill and pumpkin patch. We picked apples and got pumpkins. I love the smell of fresh donuts and apple cider! Our apple picking included a wagon ride to either end of the orchard. I let my kids decide if they wanted to ride to the end of the orchard and walk back, or if they wanted to pick apples on the way out and then ride back.

My kids chose to walk out then ride the wagon back. Which would have been my pick! I knew they weren’t going to carry the full apple bag, that would be on me.

I seem to be the person to hand things to if they don’t want to carry it. Which is how I ended up carrying their coats and the apples we were picking. By the time we reached the end, I was ready for the wagon ride back. That bag was heavy!

Once on the wagon, I let the wagon carry the apples. They were still with us, sitting right on the floor next to us, but I no longer felt the weight of their burden.

Which reminded me that Jesus asks me to come to him, to give my burdens to him and let him carry them. When Jesus carries my load, I no longer feel the weight of it, even though circumstances haven’t changed. Just like the wagon carried the apples we picked.

Which load can you let Jesus carry?

p.s. Those apples were turned into yummy apple crisp. 🙂




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