Jesus farted too!

Christmas is a reminder that God really is down here and can relate to what I experience. After all, that is what Emmanuel means, God with us. We can take comfort in the fact that Jesus became human and experienced bodily functions like hunger, thirst, poop, pee and farts, yup, I’m sure they happened! He also experienced life and loss, sleep and dreams, happiness and sadness, friendship and rejection. His body was also beaten, bled, and finally, died. All these things we experience too.

It had to be a totally different experience for God to be human. To go from being everywhere at once, all knowing and having all power to living in a human body, with all its limitations. Just think about that for a second. How strange would that have been? I don’t know everything and don’t have the capacity to do so. I can only be in one place at a time, although I really need to be everywhere at once during this busy season! It would be nice to have that ability, but alas, I cannot!

God became a human to relate to us. When we look for friends, we look for someone who is similar to us, has the same qualities and beliefs we do. When we find those common things, we relate to that person. We instinctively want to find bridges of connection between each other to build a relationship. God built a bridge when he chose to become a human. God suddenly became someone in common with us, not “out there,” but “down here.”

When someone is different from us, we tend to push away, because it’s uncomfortable. I find myself uncomfortable around certain types of people. There’s nothing wrong with them, but I’m uncomfortable because they seem so different from me. Whether it be someone with a physical or mental handicap; someone with a different social status, either up or down; someone who has different political views, etc. Instead of seeing a person, I see differences because I focus on differences instead of similarities.

Jesus came for every single human being, whether or not we agree with that person’s lifestyle. And so the challenge is to strip away the differences and see other people as having the same needs and wants as I do. To find similarities despite any physical or outward appearances because those don’t matter. The heart of everyone is the same.

Coming down is what makes Jesus a personal God, not a distant God. Emmanuel, God with us, which means Jesus farted too!

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