Whom do you serve?

As I hear in the news about yet another intra-church conflict, this time with the Methodist church, I cringe. Satan wins when the church divides.

So now what? How do we, as Christians, respond?

For those who are despairing the outcome, I ask, who do you serve? Do you serve your denomination or do you serve Christ? They are different. Just because you disagree with your denomination’s views, does not mean you stop serving Christ. At the end of my days on earth, I know I will face Christ, not a church governing board.

For those who are happy with the decision, I would ask that you take time to listen and understand the viewpoint of those who are disappointed. Try to understand this decision from their point of view. Can you state their opinion as well as, if not better than, your own?

Listen to each other. Learn from each other. Grow together. Follow Christ together.



  1. Love this! Churches in Jesus’ time had conflicts, too. The faith will survive. Our denomination has adopted a number of stances with which I do not agree. That’s okay. Sometimes that’s how we are taught by God.

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