Rebel with a Cause

When you go into the hospital for just about anything, other than visiting, you fill out forms. On these forms, there is a line about religion, whether you have one and what it is. I’m sure it’s because they have people on call if you want religious guidance.

Every time I get to that line in the paperwork I pause, pray and fill in the word “Christian.” I almost always receive a puzzled look at my response. It’s not expected.

I’m a rebel.

I rebel against the denominational pigeon-holing of our culture. For I first and foremost serve Christ – not a denomination.

The different ways to serve Christ are as diverse as the number of people on the planet. The focus should be on serving Christ, not the way it’s done. For God does not fit into a box and neither does service for his Kingdom.

My cause is to serve Christ.

For we are the body – many parts working together. Protestant denominations work together to serve Christ and further the Kingdom.

In the wider global context, other faiths don’t see differences between protestant denominations. Even in the news media, when they talk about a Christian topic, they interview Catholics. While I may not agree with everything Catholics believe, there are fundamental similarities. We all believe Jesus is the son of God, he died and rose again to save us from sin. That defines a Christian, whether Protestant or Catholic.

Different denominations aren’t different religions – just different ways to serve the same God. We don’t follow Mohammed, Buddha, or some other religious leader. We follow Christ. We are Christians.

So I’m a rebel, a rebel with a cause.

Are you a rebel too?


What are your thoughts?