Unforgiveness Prevents Future Growth

This spring I spent a weekend raking the neglected leaves from the previous fall.  I had hoped winter’s snow would make them disappear. Sure enough, one late fall snowstorm covered the leaves up. Whew! I was officially done with leaf raking.

The snow melted after a week and the leaves once again taunted me. “Thought you could get away with not raking us up, huh?” they said. “Not a chance! Cause we’re still here!” Then snow and ice once again encapsulated them for another 2 months.

Spring arrived and the leaves were still there but were now a soggy, brown lump suffocating the grass. Time to rid the lawn of leaves.

While I raked, Jesus showed me those leaves were similar to leaves of anger and resentment in my heart. Leaves of bitterness I refused to see. Leaves of unforgiveness I needed to rake because under them, the grass was dying, just like my lawn. The leaves choked out air, water and light, things necessary for God’s growth in my life and in my lawn.

When I cleared the leaves away and put them in God’s compost bin, then let the light of his Son, the breath of his spirit, and the living water wash over my heart and soul, he transformed them. My job was to wait and watch for new growth.

In God’s bin, those leaves of bitterness, resentment and anger transform into beautiful and enriching compost, which over time, enhances the soil of my soul and the souls of others.

Action Step: When you do yard clean-up outside, imagine you are doing the same with your soul and heart. Imagine all bitterness, resentment, anger and hatred going into the compost bins and bags.


  1. I can certainly relate to this Michelle. Wish I had read this before going to family reunion.
    I needed to be enlightened.
    Thank you

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