Forgiveness: Give time – not instant

If you need to forgive someone, you’re buried in an avalanche of emotions. It takes time to dig out.

Forgive as you dig yourself out during the emotional healing process. Picture each shovelful as released to God. As you release it, God will heal it.

Don’t hold back forgiveness. To say “I forgive you” takes only a moment. To work that forgiveness through your life and that circumstance takes time.

To heal emotionally and forgive are different, yet they work side by side. Forgivness helps healing and emotional healing deepens forgiveness.

Live it, even when you don’t feel it.

Action Step: Visualize the following: Dig yourself out. Move forward. Give rocks away, one at a time. Go down a path. Dig deep. Throw negative rocks into a pond and watch positive ripples flowing out.

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