Love Stretches and Grows Us

I’m not a soccer mom. I’m not a football mom either. Yet, one summer and fall I did the soccer and football mom thing. I couldn’t stand it. Not one bit. Why I was doing something I couldn’t stand? The answer was simple: love. Love pushed me out of my comfort zone.

My two youngest wanted to try soccer and football. They like playing with their friends at recess and wanted to try a team. I chose a non-competitive program to test the waters. They both liked it, but didn’t like sitting at each other’s games. Well, now you know how I feel, I thought.

Love pushes all of us to grow and experience new things.

Spouses travel together, help each other with house projects and attend concerts, plays or sporting events.

Parents do things for their kids they normally wouldn’t do, like redecorate a room, paint and plaster. Go to a water park, the zoo or any other kid-friendly venue.

Kids also do things they don’t want to because their parents make them, right? Recently I took my kids to a hockey game. My oldest didn’t think he’d like it, but he had fun. Yea!

My kid’s practices and games gave me lots of thought time. I concluded love pushes and pulls us out of our comfort zone and calls us to do things we normally wouldn’t do and go places we normally wouldn’t go. Love grows and stretches to make us better people.

How has love stretched and grown in your life?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your view!