3 Steps to Stop Anxiety

Have you been lying awake at night with anxious thoughts running through your head about the Coronavirus and its effects on every aspect of life? Yeah, me too. I’ve found myself in this situation often enough in my life (yes, even before Coronavirus) that I’ve found a three step system to stop anxiety in its tracks and get the sleep I need.

It’s simple and quiet, so you don’t disturb your partner next to you or any other sleeping person in the house.

First, recognize your worry. Anxiety creeps up on me and pushes me into my well worn worry groove before I even realize it. I can lie awake for an hour before I recognize I’m anxious and worrying. Same with you?

Second, release the anxiety. I set the worry and anxiety on God’s altar or Jesus’ feet. Use whatever release image works best for you. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing: release a balloon; fire consuming paper; leaf or paper boat floating down stream; etc. Visualize the release of your anxious thoughts.

Third, respond with trust. This step is the most important and the one that makes the difference. Tell God you trust Him. Affirm your trust in Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, Savior, Yeshua, Lord Almighty, Counselor, Prince of Peace, I AM, etc. Use whichever name you prefer. Affirm your trust over and over for as long as it takes to fall asleep.

That’s it! Those are the three steps. Recognize. Release. Respond. Sounds simple. It is, and yet it’s not. I also add a fourth step, repeat. Repeat the above three steps for each and every anxious thought.

This worked for me last night. It will work for you tonight.

God bless and stay healthy.


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