How to Love Your Neighbor After the Election

I have to admit I’m a bit dismayed at the reaction of some vocal people to the election. To pronounce doom and gloom on the country because one candidate will win is not right or true. We made it through eight years of George H.W. Bush and eight years of Obama without the country falling apart. We can make it through four or eight years of whomever is elected next.

What is especially troubling to me in hearing these predictions of doom and gloom is not really what they are saying so much as who they are. They are people of faith. People who claim to follow Christ. It seems as though they have forgotten who is truly King over our country, Jesus.

Jesus told us to love God and our neighbor and in today’s society, that also means to love the opposing political party. How?

First, be patient as you wait for all the votes to be counted.

Second, don’t be jealous if your neighbor’s candidate won or boastful to your neighbor if your candidate won.

Third, don’t be arrogant if your candidate won or rude to your neighbor if your candidate lost. Be gracious.

Fourth, don’t be irritable with your neighbor if your candidate lost or resentful toward your neighbor if their candidate won. They don’t think the same way as you, and that is a good thing.

Fifth, don’t rejoice when their candidate loses, instead, rejoice when their candidate wins.

Finally, neighbors bear all things, believe all things, hope all things and endure all things. Never give up.

Wait patiently for the results to come out. Trust Jesus is working through this process, no matter the outcome. Trust Jesus is King over and above the president’s rule, whether you agree or disagree politically. For that right there is certainly good news!

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