Learning to Listen

God still speaks to His people using many pathways such as:

  • circumstances
  • scripture
  • other people
  • visions
  • dreams
  • nature
  • prayer
  • thoughts and ideas

Which ways does God speak to you?

How do you know it’s God speaking?

  • A thought that stretches you outside your comfort zone.
  • Persistent thought.
  • Firm; gentle; authoritative; not negative.
  • New positive insight into a problem or situation.

A Technique to Align yourself with God and His word.

  • Quiet/alone; Calm yourself down; center on God; ask him – let him lead.
  • Give up your agenda.
  • Be open to any/all suggestions – yes or no.
  • Start with small things.
    • Should you do this or that?
    • Ex. Should you visit friends or stay home Friday night?
  • Think of or “try on” each choice.
    • On which choice does peace rest?
    • Think of visiting friends, does that thought give you peace? Now think of staying home, does that thought give you peace?
    • Do this several times if you are unsure.
  • If peace doesn’t rest, evaluate the other choice.
  • If peace rests on a choice, go that way.

Train yourself to listen to God’s voice to hear what God is saying for your life. Every situation is different. How can you know what God wants if you don’t ask?

If you know of someone who would benefit from this message, please share this with them! Thank you.


  1. Very helpful. Especially since I know the process works with you, I’ve seen the results.
    Thank you for sharing this Michelle.

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