Prayer When You’re Afraid

Dear Lord,

We are afraid. We are afraid for our health and our safety. We’re afraid of growing old and dying. We’re afraid of losing someone, being rejected, and being alone. We’re afraid of messing up our kids. We’re afraid of failing and afraid of success. Our list of fears go on and on. Yet You tell us in scripture to be not afraid (Isaiah 37:6) or fear not for You will help us. (Isaiah 41:13)

You also promise to go before us, to be with us and to never fail or forsake us. To not be afraid or dismayed. (Deuteronomy 31:8)

The Lord goes before you.

You go before us clearing our path as a trailblazer. You cut down the weeds and undergrowth to make our path clear to walk on tomorrow. You know the challenges for tomorrow and every other tomorrow afterwards. You clear the way so we can make the best choices.

He will be with you

You are with us in a real and personal way. Even if we feel alone on our journey, You are always right beside us and always with us.

He will not fail you or forsake you. 

Lord, When the people around us let us down because of their imperfections and sin, remind us that You will never fail us, let us down, reject us or forsake us.  

Do not fear or be dismayed. 

Even though much of life is frightening when we see death, war, cancer, and bitter politics, let us trust in the promise You are still the same. Your character hasn’t changed. You still care for us, love us, and want what’s best for us.  

Thank you Lord for blazing the trail for us, for walking along side us through all the difficult times. Thank you for not wandering off to leave us alone. Thank you for loving us and yearning to spend time with us. Thank you for being our companion on this journey of life. that You are loving, trustworthy and loyal. Help us to trust these promises, even when afraid.


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