Hey my friend!

You are in the right place if you struggle with worry and forgiveness. Born out of my struggles in both areas I’ve developed tools to help you make progress in forgiving more and worrying less.

I’m passionate about helping others realize the freedom that comes from forgiving and the ability to escort worry out the door.

Over the last ten years I’ve helped women (and some men) experience freedom from unforgiveness and worry. Their lives have been changed for the better as they live out their new-found freedom.

This transformation takes place through conversations to determine where you are in your journey and then discuss what tools are best to help you make progress.

The tools I’ve developed are tried, true and strongly connected to Biblical wisdom.

Do you choose to forgive? Do you choose to stop worrying? This active choice is the first step on your journey. If you have chosen to forgive and to stop worrying, then contact me so we can figure out where you are stuck and develop a plan of action to keep you moving forward toward a lifestyle of forgiving more and worrying less.

While I do not have a degree in psychology or counseling, I do have lots of practical, down-to-earth wisdom, tools, tips and tricks which have helped me and others. I’m a lot like you in my struggles with worry and forgiving.

I’m also a Christian, a wife and mother of three active children, three cats and numerous fish and crayfish. I love to read, walk, bike ride, hike outdoors, take nature photos, and learn both in my spiritual life and about the world around us.

One of the verses I use to guide my conversations with you is Matthew 11:28-30 wherein Jesus invites us to lay our burdens down and to take up His yoke, which is easy and light. For worry and unforgiveness are both burdens best left with Jesus.

If you are ready to follow Jesus and lay your burden of unforgiveness and/or worry down, then I invite you to come. I have tools to help you make progress.

At this point you might be asking why you should work with me. It’s a good question. If you want to find a Christ-centered method to forgive and let go of worries then I can help you.

Now that you’ve taken the first step and chosen to forgive and to stop worrying, let’s continue that progress. Please contact me at: michelle@michellemackeywriter.net and we’ll get you taking the next steps to forgiving more, worrying less and living abundantly!