These about pages sometimes feel a little awkward. Who enjoys reading a stiff, cold bio where I try to impress you with my cute family and many accomplishments?

Instead I’ve written a poem. Enjoy!

I’m a wife, a mom and Christian too,
With cats and fish to complete our zoo.
I like a good Oolong tea,
And in the winter to cross-country ski.
Mysteries are a fav to read,
With a blanket on the couch, heaven indeed!
I love to spend time in the woods,
And on the porch in my neighborhood.
A hobby is taking nature pics,
Everything from animals to plain ole sticks.
Poetry I do once in a while,
Just for fun to change up my style.
Hope you've enjoyed this poem today,
Come join my blog and be on your way.
To a life with more forgiveness and less worry,
To live in abundance, with no hurry.