Do you ever feel disconnected to your spiritual life? Like God’s out there somewhere and you’re struggling down here?

I’ve felt that way too. Yet I’ve also discovered that God is right there with you in the every day humdrum of life. Or is it the chaotic craziness of life? Whichever it is for you, He’s right there with you. Waiting for you to discover Him again.

Since I’m a Christian, a wife and mom of three energetic children, three purrballs and numerous fish, I have plenty experience in the chaotic craziness of life. Not to mention the daughter of an aging parent, working part-time at my church, Cub Scout den leader and writer of both prose and poetry.

Yet through it all, I’ve found God speak to me through my every day chaos, transforming it into a tangible way to express my faith.

If you feel lost or have wandered away from the church and are seeking some divine connection to life, then come read, relax and savor the quiet space to listen for a gentle whisper.