Do you wonder if there’s something more to faith in Christ other than going to church on Sunday? Does church feel boring? Is reading scripture just something to check off your to do list? Me too.

Or have you walked away from church because it doesn’t fit your life? I’ve been there too.

I grew up in the church and had all the head knowledge about faith. Yet when I heard a message mention “music in the gospel,” I wondered what I was missing.

So began a personal journey of rediscovering what scripture says about our status as Christians and the struggle to walk by faith. The cares of this world weigh me down and I need reminders of the promises in scripture to refresh my faith.

You are in the right place if you need:

  • Reminders of God’s promises to you.
  • Practical ways to live out your faith daily.
  • To discover what scripture says about who you are
  • Actionable ways to worry less, forgive more and live abundantly

I’m a Christian, a wife and mom to three energetic children, two purr balls and numerous fish. In my spare time I like to walk in the woods, cross country ski, drink tea and read on my front porch.

If you are seeking a renewed spiritual life, then come read, remember God’s promises for you and join the email list to receive a weekly Friday Refresh.