Advent: Joy Lost

I’ve lost my joy. Have you ever felt that way? That life is just sucking you dry. Even though we are supposed to be joyful during this advent season, you’re not feeling it at all.  If you’re there, I’m with ya.

Except I know just a few weeks ago I was full of joy. Life was good. So what’s changed?

It seems as though once the calendar hits December 1 my mind shifts into busy mode. What do I need to buy? What do I need to do before Christmas? And I forget to do or don’t have time for those things that bring me joy during the rest of the year. Things like my quiet time, exercise and eating right. December busyness crowds out all the normal things I do to live joyfully.

Ugh, no wonder I’ve lost my joy!

Today I took a walk just to keep some joy in my life. I intend to make more room in my schedule for those things that bring me joy. How about you? Are you with me?

Let me know what brings you joy and how you will keep it in your schedule this holiday season.

Let’s do this, together!


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