Fling Anxiety!

Anxiety has entered my life once again. It’s something I battle more often than I would like. Right now it’s anxiety about my husband travelling, my aging mother and of course, my kids. Who isn’t anxious about their kids? It seems to come with the territory. 

I have such a well-worn path when it comes to anxiety I have to remind myself that 1 Peter 5:7 tells me to “cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you.” 

As I meditated on the verse this morning I thought about each word. First cast, which means to throw, fling or discard, among others. I’m wondering if I can throw them by hand or use a slingshot?  

Cast all my anxieties. Hmm, all means just that, all. Not just one or two, not even ten or twenty anxieties. God wants all our anxieties. When anxious thoughts flit through my brain, I have to capture them in order to fling them at Jesus.  

This is a wonderful plan, however, in my world, I don’t always recognize I’m anxious. It sneaks up on me to capture my thoughts before I even realize it. Only when I’ve worked myself into a frenzy do I recognize the anxiety. I’m still working on recognizing anxious thoughts before my frenzied state.  

But no matter whether I’m calm or not, I can always fling my flitting frenzied thoughts on God. 


Because he cares about me. Jesus is interested in my well-being and wants the best for me.

You know what my friend, he not only wants what’s best for me, but he also cares about you and wants what’s best for you. Let that truth soak into your soul this week. 

God bless. 


What are your thoughts?