Poem: Follow Me

One with the Father, one with me
You wonder how this can be?

Only through the cross and your willingness
To refrain from such silliness

As not listening to Him and His Word
For doing so is completely absurd

“Follow me” is what he said
Do you do anything instead?

You’d rather believe a lie than the truth
Proclaimed to you by your Great Aunt Ruth

Lies are all around us and truth hard to find
But when you do, it blows your mind

At how wonderful and awesome it is
And yet simple enough to say “Gee whiz!”

How could I have missed this for so long!
For I’ve gotten it completely wrong

His love for me is completely through
Everything I say and do

Even when I mess up now and then
His love for me does not end

For that goodness is certainly true
Now go tell others with all you say and do

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