Poem: Justice Begins with Me

Justice and peace on earth begin with me
The battle we all fight don’t you see?

For within us everyone has the capacity
To do things with great audacity

The fight for justice begins within
When we realize our tendency to sin

As much as I might say I don’t
I can’t pretend anymore that I won’t

So the battle begins in my own mind
As I strive to leave prejudice behind

I detest this part of myself, it’s not who I am to be
I tell this part to take a hike you see

This part is called human nature or flesh
Which does not with our spirit nature mesh

And so the endless battle starts
One which takes place in our hearts

We’ve been given the power to overcome
To banish evil forces and tell them they’re done

For the light inside banishes the dark
“Listen to me” He does hark

For then you will know which side
Is the one in which you should abide


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