Joy in Sharing

I was having a lousy, no-good day and the cashier at the grocery store shared a joke from her grandfather which made me laugh. Her sharing a joke made a difference as I left the store with a smile on my face. Have you ever been blessed by someone sharing with you?

Jesus shared too. He shared stories, time, healing, food, prayer and finally, his life. Jesus shared love and compassion with those around him and they were blessed.

As Christians we should follow Jesus’ example and share. The possibilities to share are endless. Here are but a few examples: Share your possessions or your time. Run an errand. Pray for someone. Volunteer. Hold babies at a hospital. Rake, weed and mulch someone’s yard. Hold the door open. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Give someone a ride home.

You never know how something small will impact someone’s life. Go find joy in sharing with others. You both will be blessed.


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