Candles: How to Share Our Light and Warmth

I don’t like December because it gets dark so early. Sending my kids outside after dinner to play is not an option. With their energy and excitement over Christmas break, they need to burn off some energy outside!

Instead of kids burning off energy, I sometimes burn candles in hopes that the scents of the season will calm them down. It doesn’t always work. Of course, my cats have to check the candles out too, and as long as no one sweeps their tail through a flame, we’re good!

In spite of my cats and kids, I light candles because they are so bright, cheery and give a warm glow to the holiday season in comparison to the darkness outside.

As we light candles during this Christmas season, I imagine my life to be an unlit candle. A source of potential light and warmth. Candles can be short, tall, fat or skinny; orange, green, blue or purple; tea-light, votive, column or taper. All candles look different, but yet function the same, to give light and warmth. Just like all people look different, yet have the same purpose, to love God and love others.

Candles, once lit, give light and warmth. They can also light other candles to spread light and warmth around. When lighting another candle, the original candle’s flame is not diminished, it still burns bright. Just like we share the light and life of Christ with others. Sharing Christ’s love doesn’t diminish the light of Christ in us, instead, it makes the world brighter and warmer. We can do this in many ways. Buy gifts for others. Donate to charity. Have patience while waiting in line at the store. Be kind to others who are in a rush. Open doors for people carrying many packages. Share a joke with a cashier. What will you do?

What does your candle look like?

How can you share light and love this week with others?


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