Prayer: God’s Promise of Restoration After Suffering

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for everything you do for me. I am eternally blessed by you. You are certainly a God of all grace. I have experienced that grace many times in my life. Right now however, I’m struggling. There’s a gaping hole in my life from so much loss. You know, like the holes they dig for basements when a house is built? Yea, right now Jesus, my life feels like it has one big gaping hole in it. I don’t like feeling this way. It’s difficult to trust you with this emptiness and pain. But when I read 1 Peter 5:10 above, I glimpse hope.

This verse speaks of the suffering I’m going through this very moment. This verse says you will restore me after suffering. I’m waiting Jesus, I’m waiting for restoration. I picture you filling in the gaping hole with your dirt, Lord. Making that hole disappear and healing it. I picture you not only restoring the hole to level ground, but also packing it down to make it a strong and firm foundation.

This firm foundation becomes the place you build a house for my life. Not only a house, but a beautiful glorious mansion.

You restore, you make firm and then you build. Please do that for my life. I will be patient and wait for your restoration.


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