I am lost, I need a Jesus map

I am lost. I thought I knew where I was going, but I don’t. The computer directions must be wrong. Did I miss the turn? I must have, yet I’m not sure. I wish the kids would quit distracting me. Do I trust the directions or turn around?

Indecision plagues me. Keep going or turn around? I don’t see any signs. I’m lost. The kids don’t know we’re lost. We’re on a fun trip. I can’t ask them what to do. I have to be the adult.

Trust or turn? The two fight within me. If I had a smart phone I wouldn’t be in this mess. Maybe I should get one. That doesn’t help me now. I wish the kids would quit talking.

I should trust the directions and continue on. But the kids have been so distracting. Did I miss the turn? How long before I find a sign?

I make the choice to trust the directions, not my feelings.

Several miles down the road relief floods through me as I spot a sign. I have chosen right. I didn’t miss my turn. Trust the directions, not my feelings. Just as I trust God’s direction for my life, even if I want to go a different direction. God’s way is always right.

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