Prayer: When You are Sick

Dear Lord,

Be gracious to me for I am in distress. I grieve the loss of my health through many tears. I’m tired and feel miserable. I can’t breathe and want to sleep the days away. My body feels weak and fragile.

Everyone is scared to come near me. My neighbors avoid me. Everyone around me gives me a wide berth. It feels like I’ve already died. My body is broken yet I hear the whispering of my family regarding my dire condition.

But I trust you Lord. You are my God. My time is in your hand. Deliver me from this invisible enemy attacking my body.

Let your face shine on me and save me in your steadfast love!


(Based on Psalm 31:9-16)


  1. Beautiful prayer, Michelle. Hope you are well and making this available to others. Your family must be so busy these days and we’re hoping that everyone is healthy and enjoying the beauties of the season. Christmas Blessings to all of you!

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