God Cares For You

Walk outside in the spring and listen to the birds and spring peepers, look at the tree’s leafing out and the flowers blossoming. Doing so stirs wonder and awe for God cares for all these and more. You may care for children, parents, pets, your home and other things. Yet you don’t have to feed and water the birds, frogs, and trees. God clearly takes care of nature. The responsibility to care for every single tree, plant and animal in the world would be overwhelming. Yet God does so with little effort.

If God can take care of all of nature, He surely can care for you, your family, your pets, and your friends.

Yet it’s hard to trust Him with your life and all you care for. To trust in yourself means you control the outcome. To trust in God means you don’t control the outcome. God is trustworthy in caring for the trees, the plants, and the frogs. If He can care for all of them, He is also able to care for you.  

God takes care of nature. God will also take care of you.


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