Shine Your Light

Just as Paul wrote his letters to witness to Christ’s work in his life (Acts 28:23), writing is my witness to reflect God’s love out into the world. I have flaws, just like gemstones do, but flaws reflect light in beautiful ways.

How do you witness to Christ’s life in you? Do you share it with others? There are many ways to do so. From bringing a meal to someone who is sick, sending out cards to those you care about, knitting blankets for those who need them or having a neighbor over for dinner. Love others to love God.

God’s call for you is to serve Him and the people around you right where you are. Not everyone is called to a foreign land to serve, and God bless those that are! But for most of you, the land and people you are to serve are right around you. Those people you see every week. Have they seen the light of hope in you through this pandemic? Do they wonder why you are so calm amidst the chaos of the last year? Basically, when it comes down to it, do you live in such a way that others wonder why? 

There’s one person who says I’m the calmest person she’s ever met. I’m sure my family would say otherwise, but do you live in such a way that others take notice? For surely the reason I’m calm is because of my faith. I know the rock I stand on, and it’s Jesus. 

You witness to others through your daily actions. When you are honest, instead of cut corners. When you give instead of hoard. When you are kind instead of disrespectful. When you treat others with dignity, instead of blowing them off. 

Yet you may find yourself calm after quiet time and then still yell at the driver who cut you off. Yup, me too. Turn from your sin, ask Jesus for forgiveness and persevere in faith.  Those are the best steps to take when you blow your witness. One stupid mistake does not make or break you. It’s cumulative actions over time. That is the most powerful witness of all. 

God bless!


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